Monastery is a place where monks live to study and practice Buddhist philosophy sponsored by its well-wishers. It is also place to gain merits by offering to Buddha, Dharma & Sangha. The fund donated for this purpose will sponsor daily ration for the monks.

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The monks need to undergo various levels of Buddhist education. To provide such education, the monastery need to be equip monks with basic equipments such as Dharma Books. The fund donated for this purpose will be distributed for procumbent of required Dharma/Prayers Books and Monastic Equipments.

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The monks of Padtselling Monastery have to complete eight year course of Lobdra (the basic) before pursuing the nine year course of Shedra. After completing the Lobdra and Shedra, the monks have to undergo the three years at Drubdra for meditation. To make the monks achieve a profound Buddhist knowledge require facilities to communicate wisdom.

The Monastery body can be broadly classified into –

1. Management.
2. Academic.

Academically the monks can be classified into –
1. Lobdra- the Basic Learner for 8 years
2. Shedra- to depth understanding the meaning, philosophy and science of Buddhism for 9 years
3. Dupdra- Undergoing Solitary Meditation with guidance of teacher for 3 years of meditation and more

Requirements for Academic

1. Administrative Block consisting of classes for Lobdr & Shedra , Office etc.
2. Pray Hall / Tsho-khang
3. Library / Pelzi-khang
4. Monk Meditation Cell/ Drupkhang
5. Monk Hostel / Zimkhang
6. Monk Dinning and Kitchen
7. Museum

Requirement for Management

1. Residence of Successive Incarnation
2 Staff / Teacher’s residence
3. Guest house
The fund donated for this purpose will be distributed for the construction of above monastic facilities.

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