No. 58, Jinde N.Rd.,
Taichung City , Taiwan.

Khenpo Lop Dorji Thinley (Contact person and Dharma Consultant)

Yogi Dendup was an ordinary farmer from Tang, Bumthag. At the age of twenty-five he left village to peruse Buddhist doctrine form Togden Yeshi Ningpo at Tibet. Later after completing his education and mastering the art of meditation, he came back to Bhutan and became a very good friend and a student of Fourth Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche. As he was quite old and had to conduct his own Dharma activities, he was not able to render his serve for the Dharma activities of Fourth Incarnation. Before he passed away, he made a wish to Fourth Incarnation that in his next life he be able to render his service for the Dharma activities of Padtselling Trulku. As wished KhenLop Dorji Thinley was born as the younger brother to present Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche.

At the age of four he was recognized as the incarnation of Yogi Dendup by Nugshel Ponlo Khen Rinpoche. At the age of five, he started to recollect his past life and lived with the family members of lat. Yogi Dendup. Three years late, he followed his elder brother the fifth Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche to various teachers and monastery to learn various Buddhist doctrines and meditation. To this day particular village in Tang and the family members of lat. Yogi Dendup call him by “Grand Father “. As wish come true KhenLop Dorji Thinley, after completing his education he had been rendering his service for the Dharma activities of the present Padtselling Trulku Rinpoche. Appointed by Rinpoche, he is currently serving as the Dharma Consultant and representative of Rinpoche in Taiwan.

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